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Welcome to KnightLife

Fri Jan 01, 2010 11:30 pm by Guardianknight

Welcome to the KnightLife community, roleplay group of Final Fantasy XIV. Feel free to look around and have some fun. Our group is dedicated to not just playing the game with a character but exploring the world as our character. Please keep in mind that what you are irl doesn't have to be what you are here. We've no Roegadyn, Lalafell, Elezen, or Miqo'Te irl but here you're free to be what you want. Feel free to introduce yourself completely in character, matter of fact its welcomed to do so. We're an easygoing group and I'm sure we'll all have a great time exploring Eorzea together. Guys playin Miqo'Te, or girls playin Rogeadyn? Not a problem, feel free. In the meantime feel free to strike up a roleplay in the forum if you'd like or sit and chat in the general discussion.

Few features of the forum for your enjoyment

-Chatbox In the lower part of the forum, feel free to use it for role playing.
-Character Development tab in profile management, feel free to tailor your profile to your character rather than yourself.
-In and Out of character forums, feel free to use as you'd like.
-Guide to Roleplaying for new players by Eltharian and ramdragn

Group rules (everybody's gotta have em)

-Respect your fellow RPers, we're all here to have fun.
-Try not ask each other about who or what they are irl, ruins the fun of role play.
-No member abuse, this should be self-explanatory.
-If you need to explain something out of character feel free to use the out of character forums or note that its OOC (out of character).

In general, feel free to have fun, don't worry about what you are irl, we're here to forget about that.

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