Ram Beholve's Memories of the "Unknown"

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Ram Beholve's Memories of the "Unknown"

Post by ramdragn on Sun Jan 10, 2010 7:00 am

((is cold, is late, and I can't sleep, let me start something. WIll soon put a bio about Ram beholve just had to let this out of my head Razz And beside I want to try and keep it close to what it would look like in FFXIV and i don't know how it would look like yet since Customizations. . well you know >.<))

Without fail, she visited again. Ram was full of agony as droplets of sweat ran down his forehead. As every night, she appeared, tormenting him with the vision of regret. Ram could only let his breathing slow down as he slowly tried to keep the remembrance of the never ending dream in the coffer of shadows, deep in his conscious. His body, lean due to his constant labor and wood craft, outlined the soft sheet that covered him in the cold nights. A sigh escaped, and he sat straight holding half of his face under the darkness of his big hand letting one eye disappear behind it as he closed his light blue eyes feeling the same pain he had for over ten years," And still you torment me," he said in a sad tone holding the tears with a tight clenching from his teeth and letting his fingertips caress his dark brown hair. Another deep breath escaped his tick lips as he tried to stand up out of the bed. The soft rays of light announcing the early morning before the sunset peeked out of the large line of the wet horizon and sneaked through the small openings of the old wooden window. The sky embraced the new day with a soft gradient of blues, from dark to lighter, slowly changing to its brightest tone as the sun slowly is felt by it's warm instead of it's light,"Morning at last," he said as he sat in the edge of the bed rubbing his face roughly, like a rag needed to be swept, trying to wake up.

A third deep breath was taken by his tick lips filling his strong lungs. His muscular chest expanded stretching his lazy muscles. As he exhaled the morning air, he stood up and began walking towards a small vase filled with water along a clean white rag sitting on top of a dark wood drawer. Taking the clean white rag, he dipped one third of it on the small vase filled with water and quickly began cleaning his face. Slowly he let the rag cover his face as a memory froze him in time. His body stood still as his mind wondered to that dream, to that day, to her and that letter. One eye peeked out and stared lonely to the tormenting parchment filled with words from a broken heart,"Man are wont to suffer, and forget wherein they've sin, Ne'er bearkening back on tragedies past. Lest the Twelve might humble them," he said as he chuckled sarcastically and continued cleaning his body. After his arm, chest, and back were swiftly brushed by the softness of the wet rag, he flipped the white cloth and dried the small drops of water. A soft sound followed the hit of the rag against the wooden drawer. It was an echo, slightly but certain, as if the drawer contained nothing but walls mimicking an empty deep and dark cave. Turning back to his bed, he tended to the sheets and dressed the small simple bed with the pastel yellow sheet he was using to sleep. Finishing, almost choreographed, the sound of the door being knocked from outside alerted his senses.

"Ram," A young voices was heard from the outside of the room,"Have you awoken?" the voice asked along the constant and rapidly knock of the wooden door.

Ram dressed up and his expression changed completely. The painful gloomy face paint was erased and replaced by a happy fake copy. He opened the door to the outside still missing the buttons to complete assembling his outfit; a dark yellow jacket that rested over a long sleeve wool shirt. The jacket was obviously designed to combine with the light brown leather pants which tightly adjusted to his lower body. He only missed his boot which leaned against a wooden chair right beside the door,"Morning little mammet," he said energetically as he took the boots in his hand and sat in the chair to finish dressing up . . .

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