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Kit Aster/Melody Rose

Post by Guardianknight on Sun Jan 17, 2010 2:19 am

I sit upon my favorite perch tonight on the balcony of the lighthouse, overlooking the sea, the stars, and the full moon. The lunar roses are in bloom beneath the water, giving a silver hue to the waves. I'm still thinking about what I should do when I arrive within Hydaelyn. This mission fits me to a certain degree for I always have considered myself a bit of a loner. Up here with the cool night breeze, and the star-lit sky I feel as if I am alone with nature itself to guide me. I wish I could take at least Melody with me but I would be unable to live with myself should anything happen to her. I do not know who or what I shall encounter within the strange, new world; much as I was when I arrived here from earth so many years ago. Tonight my cloak has served me well, I fear as if I might have been discovered within the city without it. Our troupe has grown to such renown here that we commonly find ourselves unable to walk the town during daylight or risk being discovered. Having come as the light of dusk had been fading was reckless, but I would, and probably will attempt such again, for the view it offers upon the sea is breathtaking. I imagine the rest of the troupe has probably retired for the evening as I shall do shortly, listening to the waves as I dream within my hidden grove not far from here within the forest.
-Grimore entry, date unknown
Melody Rose

Sia finished my costume tonight, now I just have to hide it from Kit until ts time to head off into Hydaelyn. As usual she did an amazing job, I actually look like quite the little knockout in it. Cute kitty ears, long brown hair that comes down in waves, a kitten tail that I absolutely fell in love with as soon as I changed into it, and most of all my hearing, sight, and even the smell of things changed completely as soon as I did. I knew Sia was good at what she does but Kit will never recognize me in this getup; heck I bet even my own mother wouldn't be able to recognize me. I want to use it on stage when this is all over, its too great of a masterpiece not to afterall. I'll have to remember to redo my measurements though while I'm in the costume; Sia did go a bit overboard in a few aspects but I suppose it'll just take some getting used to. I suppose I'll need to practice my knife throwing, and dancing with it on so I don't look like some clumsy little kitten there. I just wish I had the skin, and the tan I do when I'm wearing the costume Sia made me, its gorgeous! So dark, and alluring. The first thing I'm probably going to do in Hydaelyn is find some decent clothes, and some weapons, clothes first though cause they're alot more fun. Guys tend to find a girl who can throw daggers as precise as I can kindof intimidating, guess that's why Kit's the only one who'll stand in front of me throwing them. The guy shows no fear, its almost like he's not even here half of the time, like he's searching for something he has yet to find almost...

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