Story of Corolie: Start of a Deadly Journey

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Story of Corolie: Start of a Deadly Journey

Post by Corolie on Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:54 am

Chapter I

Had Never thought it would be soo bloody hot on such a night... Me skin were soaked of sweat, Me feet were dirty as they could be from walking bare footed across these desert lands all day, and our throats were Extremely dried out thanks to our misfortunes of being gil less. It was too late to give up now either we were going get to the well ,or lose our lives to the dying heat. "Come on sis just a little while longer" as I heard me brothers voice, My vision was at a bur heck I could even barely see anything at that moment.

Shortly after I heard an old presence behind us. My brother ,and I turned arond to caught a glance what appeared to been a shadow figure of an Elezen woman: "You Children don't belong in these parts.... I'm afraid now it be time ya meet Death!" I gave her a cold glare thous drawing out my staff however not before long "BIO!!!" rang through me eyes as I was injected with a unspeakable sickness which I never felt before. Me vision grew weaker until I couldn't control myself any longer as I fell into the darkness.....

Chapter II

((Coming soon!))

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Re: Story of Corolie: Start of a Deadly Journey

Post by Guardianknight on Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:43 pm

((Be interesting to see how this turns out, interesting read so far))

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