Of depth, distance and permas

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Of depth, distance and permas

Post by Shigaru on Sat Mar 13, 2010 9:52 am

For lack of better way to describe it... I just was curious about a few things. Shying away from allowing OOC chat in linkshell chat makes this sounds like it'd be a pretty hardcore RP group which is cool but it brings up a few questions I was just curious about. We've got lots of months to go til this comes out so I thought I'd try and either clear them up or get some heated discussion going Very Happy

First... general background on why I'm bringing this up. I've been an administrator of a pretty popular message board RP that took good RPing pretty seriously and, on the flipside, I've been in two 'hardcore RP' guilds in 2 different MMO's. All of the MMO ones were really neat in that to even get your 'linkpearl' or 'guild invite', whatever it may be, you had to stumble across a current guild member and a brief RP would unfold to the point of you getting into the guild. The flipside of this, which i saw in a lot of less serious RP groups in MMOs, was basically... Guild invite, "greetings friends". And after that everyone acts like they know you. I personally really like the first scenario but that brings up my question of depth... How deep is this shell planning to go into RP? Situation A or B?

Second, for 'distance', I don't have much on it now but maybe you guys can come up with something on this... Just curious how far RPing will go? I know it depends on the player each basis, but are we talking large scale events often? Or is this more for RPers just to be in the same group and have access to other RPers for their own smaller scale RPs?

And permas i'm 50/50 on. I was in a perma in FF XI for one of my jobs and, while it made leveling a lot slower, it was definately a lot more fun and easy. I was thinking if it was a perma party with RP added to it, it would be even more fun. The only downside to this is that it permanently excludes everyone else out of a 5-6 person RP that takes place on an almost daily basis. I was just more curious what peoples thoughts were on the idea of it I guess.

Sorry to ramble and I'm not trying to pick apart the guild for answers, I just learned that members discussing and debating over topics like these ends up making the guild more enjoyable for everyone Very Happy Plus its a good chance for me to get to know you guys outside of my short intro!


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Re: Of depth, distance and permas

Post by ramdragn on Wed Mar 31, 2010 2:27 pm

I believe the RPing will always be relative. Not everyone is up to RP when inside the game (Although it would be sweet if they did) We would understand that the RP will grow from the RP time and if they decide to Party, or socialize outside the ROleplay community they have their right.

On distance, it all depends on the person, many like go all out, others like to jump certain scenes.

On permas I would say it also depend on the people. not everyone will have the same time, schedule, or interest in permas. It indeed makes things fun, but fun to some is relative as well.

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