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Kit Aster/Melody Rose

Post by Guardianknight on Mon Jan 04, 2010 8:36 am

Its been so long since I've seen earth I can hardly remember it anymore. Ever since I arrived within Aldieres, and joined the Twilight Acts troupe as a magician I know only my magic, my fellow members of the troupe, and the nightmarish creatures we've fought. I feel as if I have completely lost track of time as I no longer seem to age within the world of Aldieres. Ever since I was given my magic I've been thankful of everyone in the troupe, and how they've adopted me in like a family. We've done several shows, and acts on various worlds, and planes of life, all of them fascinating in their own right.
Recently however Darnell, the leader of our group has asked me if I would look into a new world we've found, and possibly lead some of our performers to it so that we may entertain the people of this strange world Hydaelyn. Several of us have volunteered to go including my friend, Melody Rose. Darnell has asked me to scout the world before we send anyone in order to see if we would be welcomed. He's asked that I make sure to study the races of this world so that I may give an accurate description to our costume magicians so as that we may blend in with these people.
I'm to be alone in the beginning, though for how long I know not. I'm not sure how my magic will change from our world to their own so I must be prepared for a long and difficult journey, studying as I go. I do this to see the smiles and laughter of people, and so that I may see their dreams added to our world. That is all I am now after all, a dream shaped by the very people I perform for.

Grimore entry, date unknown
Hiya the name's Melody Rose, dancer, and knife thrower for twilight acts. I been dancing for as long as I can remember, probably why Darnell picked me for twilight acts. I've been learning to dance with my daggers since I came to Aldieres, and they've pretty much become second nature. I convinced Sia to help me with a costume to keep Kit from recognizing me while I follow him in Hydaelyn; if he found me he'd be less than happy that I followed him when he hadn't looked around first but ya know, a gal's gotta do what she's gotta do.
I suppose I'll take a look around this world too and tell Darnell what I've found to keep him from telling Kit that I went too. I probably shouldn't draw very much attention, though if he starts looking for performers I may have to sign up. I'm hoping Sia can come through for me, she mentioned something about how I'd look cute as something called a Miqo'Te on Hydaelyn; said she saw one on some other world when Darnell first heard about this.
Maybe I can find a few people too in order to get something going, always fun performing in front of everyone. Guess I'll see what happens when I get there, gotta keep away from Kit unless I'm in costume, luckily Sia knows what she's doing, tells me when she's done I'll look and feel just like the real thing.

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